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A New Realm – A New Life (Part 2)

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When I was moving into becoming a young adult I sought out to get a good education, land a job, get a mortgage, and be happy with a  hourly wage.

In time, move into upper management was the way I saw things playing out…


Many miserable jobs later such as a laborer, call center rep, plumber apprentice, and a short stint as an executive sous chef.

I shifted my focus to a more consistent and stable income as a  skilled profession in healthcare, but after a few years of settling into my career.

Eventually I found my consistent and stable…..NIGHTMARE!

Luckily, a good friend recommended the book The Four-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris and everything changed.

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And here’s why.

In chapter 14, Tim talks about the idea of  “mini retirements” and when I read it I felt a shift in my gut.

In a nutshell, this was a idea of not deferring your life’s ambitions for your “golden years”, instead opting to embark those same bucket list things here and now and in the present (when your body is more able to do more as well).

In the book, Tim would talk about how for every month of work, he schedules two months of some kind of fun vacation activity.

Now I wasn’t really at the point of time or mobility lifestyle bliss t0 take 2 months off, but I could start to take active trips and vacations around the things that my heart craved.

What started as a few weekend road trips lead me all the way to the hills of Tuscany with my wife Laura.

That’s what life’s all about, relationships and experiences with each other.

Wouldn’t you agree?

As time went by, we started checking off these “mini-retirement” ideas:

  •  Setting sail in the Caribbean
  •  An Italian adventure filled with wine and history
  •  Seattle bliss, exploring the national forest and huge sequoia trees
  •  An amazing New York City experience, which really blew me away
  • Tons of Colorado mountain joy.

But unfortunately, these mini retirements were taking a toll on me because for every week I was taking off, it was requiring three to six months of grinding skull dragging miserable overtime shifts away from my wife and family at my hourly job.

6 months of misery for 1 week of joy was not a good plan for the next 30-40-50 years of our marriage.

Would you agree?

I couldn’t keep up the pace with that kind of lifestyle.

Even though I was finally feeling fulfilled during those “mini trips”

So, I went back to the source of my inspiration to find a solution…

And was shocked at what happened next….

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