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A New Realm – A New Life (Part 4)

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Where was I…..


Oh yeh!

After experimenting with the ideas inside the book about automation through technology, here is what I realized.

There is a HUGE potential for wealth creation and it is A LOT simpler then I was trying to make of it.

I finally came to the conclusion….

Lifestyle Relief is found inside the knowledge of building a business with a digital infrastructure foundation.

Meaning just like traditional businesses, there is real estate all over the Internet you can build on top of to create huge empires and  do not require brick and mortar rent.

Your “rent” or “lease” for a digital empire is a domain address ($20) and a cool piece of technology like Clickfunnels ($97/month) to establish all your business infrastructure.

Remember… leasing a building, $2,000 a month…

Leasing a digital empire… about $100/month

But of course, I lacked the knowledge, skills, and business savvy to create this relief.

I’m a freaking ambulance driver!

I don’t know how to operate in this digital realm…

I needed to get some education, so let’s look at where we can find it and how much it will cost us.

Sidenote: Education is where people can spend a fortune or very little….

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Digital Entrepreneurship Education is different.

It’s more about balancing how much time you want to invest and how fast you want results.

The slowest but cheapest route:

Google, YouTube, and Amazon books = Free to $10-20/book 

Faster more expensive:

Buying a course where somebody can teach you core principles and strategies and how to apply them with actionable tactics into your business idea = $100 to $9,999 

Fastest most expensive

The last thing is that you can hire a oneonone mentor. This would be like hiring a professor to teach you oneonone.

Online, these are Certification courses where you get a digital course + an in person 1on1 or small group certification check off on your understanding of the material = $10,000+

Now, all these costs can vary, as will results.

It is not just knowing but APPLYING what you learn.

Over the last two years I’ve invested about $25,000 on various courses, masterminds and LIVE events to learn how to get my Adventurepreneur Lifestyle off the ground.

A small sum compared to the traditional alternatives and during this time I was actively implementing what I was learning! 

Its kinda like a medical student learning how to stitch up a pig and then IMMEDIATELY working in surgery that exact same day!

Crazy right! 

But in the digital realm the rules are different!

Especially for hiring employees to work for ya.

My monthly overhead consists of a couple of key pieces of software that I call my digital employees.

The minimum cost is anywhere between $100 to $200 a month for digital employees to run a complete business.

Which was a HUGE relief for me.

I don’t have to pay them a salary, benefits, or approve vacation days.

Ah, the bliss of working with technology!

With this kind of leverage, I started to see my eyes widen and butterflys in my tummy.

Because my business can be open 24/7 no matter if I am in the mountains of Colorado or in the comfort of my home in Louisiana.

Compared to hiring someone for 24-hours a day, 7 days a week at minimum wage of $8ish/hour…

It would be $5,760 a month!!!

The leverage in technology is amazing…

But what kind of revenue could these “digital employees” produce?

With a bit of hesitation, I started to find out quickly how efficient they can be…

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In the traditional nine to five realm, as a well established lawyer or doctor, you’re not going to make much more than $200 to $250,000 a year just because there’s only so many hours in the day you can bill for your time.

(Docs n Lawyers making over this amount, typically have advanced specialty practices or run a business entity that is driving the rest of the income – it’s not their personal time – they have leverage just like we will be creating)

In the Traditional Businesses Realm, you are pretty much unlimited with your income potential, but are location dependent and it takes a lot of personal time to manage a bunch of moving parts and for me, doesn’t fit the adventurepreneur lifestyle that I really wanted.

Now, the Adventurepreneur Realm also shares the traditional businesses’ uncapped income potential, but is location independent and operates with digital employees that are working for you 24/7.

Your personal time is reduced drastically to anywhere between 2 and 20 hours a week.

Let’s stack all these up:

9to5 Realm – capped income and not suited for the individual that craves adventure.

Traditional Business Realm – uncapped potential income but is an anchor for the individual that craves adventure.

Adventurepreneur Realm – uncapped income potential with the flexibility to operate independently with leveraged  human effort.

The Math is starting to make sense….

The Adventurepreneur Realm is the place for me and is the reason why the Internet is exploding with so many different stories of ambitious young millennials and wise baby boomers experiencing rich lives of passion and purpose.

Makes ya ask yourself, is it worth it to allow yourself the time, effort, energy, to learn and implement the strategies and tactics of the Adventurepreneur Realm?


But, here’s the dark secret that no one is talking about.

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