More Traffic. Less Content.

Less than half of all Google searches now result in a click.

If your sole focus is chasing Google organic search traffic in 2020, you're fighting a losing battle.

At Content Mavericks we believe it's time we all get smarter about content marketing and stop relying on SEO as a crutch for traffic growth.


Using a new content strategy that works (without SEO).

A Content Strategy That Works (Without SEO)

Is it really possible?

After years of trial and error, we've proven it is.


Justin Brooke, Chaunna Brooke, and Chris Von Wilpert.

Justin & Chaunna previously built a digital agency called IMScalable to $100k+/mo. Using a handful of content assets they attracted clients like Trump University, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Rich Schefren, Agora Financial, plus more.

Chris Von Wilpert helped build the content strategy for Sumo/AppSumo, working with Noah Kagan to double Sumo blog traffic from 100k to 200k in one month, attract 10,000 leads per month in five months, and grow the content channel to over $100,000 monthly recurring revenue in 12 months.

With their combined experience Justin, Chaunna, and Chris are now teaching a new way to acquire customers with content marketing (without relying on SEO).

How Does It Work?

The strategy is counterintuitive.

You don't need to publish daily, weekly, or even monthly.

All you need to do is create a handful of CONTENT ASSETS and use a few strategic distribution methods.

If you're used to creating content on a consistent schedule, this strategy will require a complete mind shift to how you approach content marketing.

You might even start to feel unproductive because you're creating less, but getting more results.

Instead of explaining how the strategy works...

Let us show you a case study of how we made $100,000 (with $688.71 ad spend) using the strategy.

Simply click the button below to access the case study:

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