How to become a Adventure Ambassador and Change the World.

Do you seek adventure, wealth, and the power to change the world?


As the Senior Adventure Ambassador for Renaissance Travel, I am thrilled to invite you on a journey with me….which is transforming lives….and the world!

I will warn you, this journey will include some discomfort and legitimate danger in your life…

…challenging every bit of your mental, physical, and emotional resolve….

This is all to ensure I can count on you to develop into a Adventure Ambassador to help me shake free those in a half awake-zombie like routine they can’t shake and it feels like they are stuck in their own mind with a twisting in their gut every night until head hits the pillow when they are finally able to “live” in their dreams until they wake up to the nightmare of another day…..

Travel has a way of transforming lives out of the fog of day to day routines…

Do you agree that the joys of adventure can change lives?

Adventure that includes…

[+] breathing in cool mountain air

[+] climbing hidden gorges and canyons

[+] walking the ruins of ancient cities

[+] watching the northern lights glow while dancing on the night skies

[+] plunging into caribbean waters and discover a whole new world

[+] challenging your taste buds with culinary delights

[+] relaxing to the songs of the ocean waves while strung up in a palm tree hammock

Does that sound like fun or what!

I get goosebumps just thinking about em…

There are endless AMAZING places in the world right?

Well, It is up to you and me to show people how to travel to paradise (often) and get paid to do it all!

Still interested in this journey?


Perfect. Let’s Continue.

By agreeing to this adventure you will be required to do 2 things:

1. Detach your income from a timeclock – because I need you on vacation!

This will be done through an immersive gamified experience and in as little as 30 days you will establish  the foundation for your new skills to solve a huge problem that pays well in the travel industry.

You will be given 37 levels to complete that will track your skill level (Each requiring about 10-30 minutes to complete, some more some less)

You will need a decent internet connection, a average computer, and a few recommended tools to help quickly complete these training levels.

After your foundation training is completed, you will then transition into your money making activities online using your new skills.

You will choose the option you feel most comfortable with to drive revenue into your bank account and value to your customers, so that you will be free to explore the world.

2. Travel Frequently and Document your encounters.

You will be given special access to a travel portal that will allow you to venture to the modern day frontiers where adventure is calling (Rockies, Cabo, Hawaii, Tuscany, Fiji, Costa Rica, Caribbean etc etc)

Ideally you will be embarking on a adventure 3-4x per year.

Your duty is to actively engage in heart pounding activities and either write about your experience in the leather bound journal that will be provided or if possible create a video diary of your experiences.

This documentation is CRITICAL to shaking away the brain fog of your future ambassadors that are still trapped in the boring, uninspired, silent lives of desperation…IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT WE NEED TO SET THEM FREE!

If I haven’t scared you away then good….

Here is what to do next……



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