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Personally, it was only about a year ago I started dreaming again of a better life for my wife and I.

In a short period of time, my little laptop business has landed huge high ticket travel sales, consulted for large companies ($100+ million year brands), and I am actively designing trainings for clients who are happy to pay me upwards of $10,000 due to the skills I acquired through the Adventure Ambassador Program to create a “Adventurepreneur” business based on time freedom and mobility.


Because I was taught how to solve problems that are not tied to time, like how to save families HUGE amounts of money on travel.

(Hidden bonus: it turns out that alot of business owners need help on how to setup these same kind of selling systems and are happy to pay premium bucks to have it done for them! In fact the faster I get things done, the more money companies will pay! )

It’s been a total reality shift, because I am noone special.

I could have easily told myself “they will never listen to me, I’m just a ambulance driver”

But my mentor wouldn’t allow that kind of thinking, and quickly helped to reframe my limiting beliefs on success with the foundation levels, just like it will for you.

The foundation levels, stripped away all my old doubts about myself and rewired my mind to think differently and my family is able to see the benefits.

The skills I learned have been the catalyst to allow for such much adventure in our life.

We have used the new found time freedom to enjoy more adventure.

Adventure makes me a better husband, father, brother, and overall friend. Adventure has forced my body to become lighter and more agile to handle the daring cliffs, caves, and coasts. Mostly likely you can expect the same impact….be ready.

And this was only the 1st year as a Adventure Ambassador!

Everything I have experienced I want that for your family as well.

Because while I enjoy what comes with working with corporations….

My true joy still lies with the individuals that dare to dream.

I am eager to spend time with and help guide the person who can see themselves on the beaches of Hawaii watching the whales breech or in the Mountains of Colorado sweeping down the slopes enjoying the visual espresso as the trees zip by and birds soar high above…

I want to have a drink with that person at one of our events and hear their stories of the past and get a vivid plan for their future.

Then over the years we will see each lives grow and catch up every few months in new fun places around the world when we have the adventure ambassador live events.

If all of this still has you attention and you desire to learn more, then you hafta start the journey with me and right now is that moment where you decide, today is the day I start the journey.

As your guide, the first step is to click over to this page:

and review this 2 steps process for getting started on your journey to travel to paradise (often) and get paid to do it all!

All the details are on this page:

Im looking forward to looking back a year from now and seeing how far you have come on the journey you start today!

Help Others, Stay Humble, Live Limitless.