Million Dollar Day! 2018

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Colorado Adventure

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MAUI Adventure

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How to become a Adventure Ambassador and Change the World.

Good, As the Senior Adventure Ambassador for Renaissance Travel, I am thrilled to invite you on a journey with me….which is transforming lives….and the world! I will warn you, this journey will include some discomfort and legitimate danger in your life… …challenging every bit of your mental, physical, and emotional resolve…. This is all to ensure I can count on … Read More

Honoring The Hero’s In EMS.

This was a special Facebook™ that is close to my heart for all my fellow medics and the mentor’s ive had help me get to where I am today. To you I say, “Thank You” First, like most medics , I’m wired to help. It’s just in my nature, so a few years ago I made the tough choice to … Read More

BIG NEWS [The World Is Changing]

Hey Friend Im glad you clicked on this post. Because as you probably know, the world is evolving. THE WAY PEOPLE BUY STUFF IS CHANGING FAST. Have you seen the news lately?  (I personally don’t watch much TV but this headline story is spreading everywhere). Essentially -giant retails stores and massive name brand companies are shutting their doors forever, at an … Read More

What Leonardo Da Vinci Knew And How We Can Use It Today

It was April of this last year we took a 2 week adventure across Italy. “How can YOU not show up, and make money?” Then I discovered the secret… Two Words: MARKETING LEVERAGE The owner doesn’t earn by showing up, he/she earns money through powerful marketing systems that automate the business to run 24/7, with or without them present. Here’s … Read More

“Fastest Way To Get Where Ya Wanna Go”

Have you ever worked in a job that when it came to putting away some savings or getting ahead on the bills it was like you were trying to cut down a cherry tree with a butterknife? No matter how hard you worked it just seemed like it NEVER was gonna get the result you wanted. I have, and it … Read More