What Happens When We Cutout The “TimeClock” Mentality?

I use to count my bills by the hour.

Rent will cost me 72.5 hours of my life every month, car payments 18.25 hours every month, and health insurance 12.5 hours away from my family….but all for my family so of course I did it.

But what if I didn’t have to? What if I could sleep in, enjoy a slow morning with my wife, head to the gym mid day, play golf on a Tuesday, and still have the bills payed up a few months in advance…..

That’s what I started to feel and act on as I slowly began to question what is possible in today’s world of technology and opportunity.

Because our personal time is the most valuable thing we own, and I just felt caged up working on a timeclock.  Id literally would have to slack off at work because it wasnt doing any good for me to get more work done efficiently when Im paid by the hour. It made me slowly start to become OK with under performing, which scared the sh*t out of me, I never wanted a life of mediocrity.

That’s just not who I am…..

I’ve always been raised to do my best but when my workplace didn’t want to reward me for above average performance, I took matters into my own hands.

If you have had a similar experience in the work place….over delivering while being under compensated then you will wanna read this entire post and see exactly how I overcame this little road block in my life to now running a timeclock free home empire that allows me the freedom to work 10-12 hours for days at a time OR take a month off and not really worry about anything.

Because in 2017 it is easier than ever to earn a leveraged income and be free to travel the world and pursue your passions.

The rapid advances in automation technology has allowed for breakthroughs in creating leverage for ourselves while still providing a immense amount of value to the workforce.

For the last few years Ive been juggling a timeclock job and attempting to make a time independent, “side hustle” ,income from home…..

Then, I woke up one day and felt like everything was going to be ok.

Because it happened…..

I made a month’s worth of paramedic pay (my day job) in only 30ish minutes of “on the clock” work…..

My simple, lucrative, and fun time leveraged business finally took off!

And to think I almost quit!!!

I get shivers just thinking about it today…..

Before I dive into the “How To”  I want to be completely honest that this dream of having a time-clock free income didn’t happen from a “push button” BOOM, Im sippin champagnes on yachts and riding around in lambos on my way to my mansion like some ads and post will have you believe, it just doesn’t work that way….trust me Ive wasted ALOT of money chasing that rabbit.

If that’s what you expect then this isnt the post for you.

HUGE WINS, like making $9,000 in one day or becoming a client acquisition consultant for a $100 million dollar company comes from a very deep and personal journey into wanting the most out of life and not looking back years from now and having not given my family the chance at a better life. NO REGRETS.

(Sidebar: Just so you know all this can happened really fast for you, like, within a few months of finally finding the missing piece of the puzzle, which ill share with you on this post)

Today, I live a very modest life, but it is filled with radical adventures and rich experiences in destinations around the world with my wife, from the actions I will explain on this post when you read it all the way through.

What I did took work but easier than what I was doing before, which was like trying to cut down a forest with a dull ax. I was working hard, just not smart. So let me begin by sharing where I started from….


Until recently, I could only fall asleep if I had a few drinks…mostly tequila.

On the outside it looked like I had it all together, but internally I was physically and emotionally being ripped apart with the demands of my promotion into a management role at my job, which was sucking the life out of me.

I would put on a happy and confident exterior but really, I was pissed off and uncertain about what to do next because I knew I couldn’t keep this up for 30-40 years dragging my skull across the ground and told to be “Happy for the promotion”

Something didn’t feel right..

….wake up…punch a clock…trade time for money….come home…stressed and anxious….take a few sips of tequila to ease my anxiety…..fall asleep….wake up…punch a clock…. Etc…..
Something had to change…

Feeling anxious and ambitious to create a better life for myself, I dug around online to see if I could make any of the 1,001 “make money online” systems work.

I bought courses, products, and followed “the plan” to be my own boss.

Frustrated, I’d wake up and during my morning routine look in the mirror and think to myself…..

“Why isn’t this working like they said it would?”
“Am I doing something wrong?”

During this adventure into entrepreneurship time flew by….

4 years later, of trying to create a remote wealth machine, I spent over $25,000 on attending events, courses, masterminds and various software products to try and “figure it out”

What allowed me to keep going was the goal of that “One Day” dream.

“One Day” I will:

-Have more time and money to travel the world creating new experiences/memories

-Have a steadily growing savings account to safeguard from a “day of disaster” or unplanned expense

-Get rid of lingering credit card debt

-Have a fridge filled with organic superfoods and guilt-free tasty date nights with my wife.

-Have plenty of free time in the day to still take care of my body , keeping it strong and functional for daily tasks

-Enjoy comfortable living in an ideal location

-Be Surrounded with a group that supports my dreams and encourages me to stay focused.

-Prove to myself and my parents that entrepreneurship was the right choice

The vision of that ONE DAY was so vivid in my mind I could taste the fresh foods, see my wife smiling on our luxury vacation getaway, and hear the congratulations and admiration of friends and family complimenting me on a job well done.

But I would be lying if I said that quitting didn’t cross my mind.

However, I had meet and seen so many others finally make it work for them.

I knew I was just one skill away from making the ONE DAY happen for my life.

As the months ticked by Id continue to clock in and clock out for management demanding more of my time without any additional compensation for my efforts, becoming short with family, distant to my wife, dreading the questions anyone would ask about my business attempts, and just feeling like a complete FAILURE.

But that was then, fast forward to 2016….I did 2 really smart things.

  1. I stepped down from my management position. This gave me the freedom to pursue my own passions vs constantly being hounded for more time and efforts even when I was off the clock.
  2. Started studying direct response marketing for social media platforms.

Now, in 2017, I’m no longer worried about our future because I’ve created a business that fits my needs 100% and didn’t break the bank to start.

Friends and family are eager to learn what I do….

Doubters still doubt but I don’t care….

My wife tells me she feels like we are in a suspended state of honeymoon bliss. (which makes me feel SUPER PROUD)

So what changed?


Seriously, I had my big breakthrough from watching MAD MEN on Netflix.

MAD MEN,(which was the term used for Ad men on Madison Ave in NYC – that’s where I am standing in the pic above pointing to the Madison ave sign) was a show that ran for a few seasons and I binge watched the whole series and had this take away.

“Advertising is a evergreen skillset that pays out huge IF you know how to do it right”

In the past, only LARGE FIRMS, like Ogilvy & Mather, could land huge profitable relationships with big companies.

From 1940s – 1970s  Ad men made a fortune by designing good marketing campaigns for products and services of their clients to massive audiences via newspapers and magazines while they were off enjoying ol fashions and toking on a cigarette.

Then TV became mainstream and from 1970s – 1990s , the deep pockets of huge companies funded TV commercials  that were designed by ad men and the message was shown to the targeted customers during the mostly likely show that audience would be watching.

Ok, I know this has been a long post and if you’ve stayed with me this far the listen closely to the next line.

The ad men would not be performing every commercial!

The commercial was recorded ONCE then replayed over and over to the public but the Ad Men still got paid very well!

So what can learn from this today?

Well for starters we are in the same super shift as the 1960s, so the timing is perfect.

Right now, Social Media has become a international phenomenon for all forms of business owners, even the little local business, but of the MILLIONS of small business many do not know how to leverage social media correctly!

So now, in 2017, I can connect with a local business owner, show how social media advertising is out earning all other forms of marketing and offer to do it for him for a fee ($500 to $2,500/month has been my fees) or offer if they rather learn how to do it, I can offer them a course for a lower fee. Either way its a win – win – win for everyone involved!

Seeing this need, I sought out to MASTER how to market on social media.

I didn’t need buy a printing press, I have the internet.

I didn’t need to buy a fancy camera or hire a web designer, I have my phone and software that does that for me.

I didn’t need deep pockets, I can advertise for as little as $5/day if I want to.

My vision was to help a business generate more paying customers which helps payroll, stimulates the local economy, and connects customer to seller. (Since travel is my passion I found a awesome company that pays really well to share their travel discounts – up to 80% off Expedia Pricing- you can check them out on this travel page)

Direct Response Marketing is a evergreen treasured skill set business owners around the world have relied on for decades and it doesn’t require a time clock, only results.

“Tommy, WOW, your right! but how do I turn that one skill into a business/income?”

Great question and the same thing I asked myself when I realized that social media marketing is the how my future wealth was going to be created.

I sought out to do 3 things:

Build: I need to create a value in myself by building a asset people would buy and I had to build my skills as a direct response marketer using leveraged time (So I sought out to be trained by the BEST)

Launch: Once I built my foundation of product and skills, it was time to launch it into the world. So I lit the fuse of immense action and feverishly pursued my vision for a better, more automated, lifestyle.

Land: My business is up and running but what goes up must come down right? So I “landed” my first automated like, comment, share, lead, sale , and customer.

If I could do it once I could do it again, and I did….. to the tune of nearly $40,000+ in under 90 days…and yes I still hadn’t quite my timeclock job so it has all been on a part-time basis.


Its been such a crazy ride and I give a glimpse of what it has been like in this interview.

This, BUILD. LAUNCH. LAND. Blueprint helped me stay focused on becoming a “wizard of the web”. Then as my credibility  grew, more opportunities arrived for time-free wealth using automation, while still providing tons of results in the marketplace for the product and services I was selling.

I know this all might seem a little crazy but I’m here to tell you it’s possible because this is my life that I’m living now and if you’re still reading this post (its a doosy I know) then I’m gonna hook you up.

If your interested in at least having a PEEK as to how to BUILD. LAUNCH. LAND.  your own leveraged laptop business, that does not require 40+hours a week of your time but can still bring in significant income, even if it’s just a sidehustle to start, like I do.

It works, and way easier and fulfilling than anything else I have tried before.

I now only work 4-5 shifts a month as a Flight Paramedic, completely free of management stress, and take vacations every 90 days or so with my lovely wife, all because I watched a simple internet training on how to create basic ads and have a amazing product to offer that everyone wants to buy when they see it.

Its called HTFF (High Ticket Freedom Formula).

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I think you are going to love it.

Help Others, Stay Humble, Live Limitless.

Tommy G

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