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Grateful For My Past, Excited About The Future

 October 21, 2016

By  Tommy G


Today I was reminded of my journey from a stressed-out paramedic to worry-free world traveler after putting in the work.

It is October and the weather is changing, we are finishing up at the gym mid-day, while in the car on the drive home I opened up my a email and a wave of gratefulness washes over me, I tilted the phone over to show my wife what just happened to our bank account.

It was a simple $500 commission that would have taken days of work to produce at my job as a paramedic, but since I started following this new formula in 2016 it only took maybe an hour and has given us more time freedom and peace of mind. Ill share how that is possible in a min….

But First, I want to go back a few years when I was severely stressed-out. Searching to find a new way to earn extra income instead of long overtime shifts as a paramedic.

My day job was beating me down, affecting my health, relationships, and overall sanity…..

I desperately needed a solution, but couldn’t afford going back to college.

That is when I decided, 4 years ago, to join my first network marketing company because I wanted to make more money from home.

I was extremely proud of having a skillset that could save a life as a paramedic but…..

Even if I did save a life my income was on a time clock not a result, I still had bills to pay and dreams of a better life in which I’m not living paycheck to paycheck or spending weekends working overtime.

So,I needed something I could do from home….that’s when I was introduced to network marketing.

Does This Sound Familiar?

A ol friend pops up and says, “hey check this out, it won’t take away from anything you are doing now but will make you money from home”

It was perfect timing for me and what I desired so…..
After joining my first company, I did all the typical mistakes…..

But I knew what the alternative was and I think you do too…..
Settle for a time clock job that can never pay you the TRUE value you offer.

So, after getting frustrated with these “old school” network marketing tactics I turned to the internet. I looked around to see if anyone had figured out to really make money from home.

Then, one day sitting at work, scrolling social media, I came across an AD from a guy who was working a full-time job, had 4 kids, seems happily married, AND had a online business that was out earning his desk job!


He was doing a webinar where he showed exactly how “it” all works, so as I sat at my computer and listen to this guy tell his story and realized I needed this….

no matter the cost….I was getting what this guy had….

(besides it had to be cheaper than going back to college right?)

..I bought his offer and learned a lot, didn’t really earn much, but it has become my best investment I have ever made in myself because it showed me what is possible……

Over the next few years I continued working my “job” and struggled with building my online income for the next 3 and half years.

Then one day, a few months ago, almost magically…..

A mentor from my past, shows up in a email and shows me a video with a guy, who’s younger than me, has less “formal” education, but is making more than most doctors and lawyers online and still seems to be just a average dude as he revealed his 3-step formula for boosting income from home using online marketing.

You can watch that same video for yourself here.

I was almost at the point of giving up on my dreams of having a boosted income from home before I watched that video.

I don’t know if you have ever been at that place before emotionally or not, but you feel like nothing you are doing is working, and you’re sort of scared to keep going, thinking;

“what if this never works?”

But I have a wife now and I wanted this not only for me but for her……

kissing tuscany

[Roof Top Kiss in Tuscany Italy]

So, I take one last leap of faith, I click on the link, and I watch the video.

….which you should do now:

Now, I dont know exactly when it happened……

…but by the end of that video, my life was changed forever.
It returned, that same feeling I had almost 4 years ago.

This time it was different, I knew the guy on the video was speaking the TRUTH.

He addressed every obstacle I was stumbling through and how to overcome each of them with his new formula and it made sense.

All of a sudden, it all clicked for me.Instant Clarity.

I knew the secret, I knew exactly what I needed to do, but more importantly HOW TO DO IT!

So, I did EXACTLY what the guy in that video told me to do…..
A month after watching that video, I had the pleasure telling my wife that I generated $3,000 + that month from my online efforts.
(the smile she gave me I will never forget)

And It did take work and wasn’t just “magical” commissions, all I did was follow the simple 3-step formula that was laid out in that video.

I know this all sounds crazy, maybe a bit like a fairy tale, but it’s how my life has been forever changed and it all started with taking the leap of faith to click the link and play that video.

This video, the one you will watch right now,

As I continue to master my new skills as a online marketer, I am on track to outperform last month and don’t plan on stopping.

Our travel life is becoming non-stop (6 trips planned for 2017) and will continue because of the decision I have made to invest time in learning from what others have done and finding it to be the right place for me.

The network marketing: home parties, hounding friends, begging family was not my place.

My life has changed for the better by learning online marketing,100%. I believe yours can too…

….the moment you click to watch the video, just like I did:

See you on the inside,


Tommy G


PS. If you found this story inspirational feel free to like, share, and then comment “info” below Ill personally send over all the details on how to use the internet for more than just entertainment and education but also earning from home and having a blast doing it 🙂

Tommy G

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