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The Need For Balance and Boundaries

 October 16, 2016

By  Tommy G

Life Image: what do you see?

Here I am loving on my wife and the joy of her living a

moment she had dreamed up for years……

We are in Italy, just arriving to a hilltop town of Montepulciano in the tuscan countryside (after an exhilarating 3 days in Rome) overlooking the vast wine country she had been yearning to see.

The air is cool and breezy, as we walk up the castle streets she’s hugging herself to stay warm but also I think the pure joy from the moment is holding her captive.

My joy comes from the fulfillment of my promise to get her to this moment.

….and how crazy it is that I am even able to deliver on that promise…..


You see, tho we are completely in love and true friends we occasionally joke how if we had meet when we were both 21, 23, or even 25 we probably wouldn’t of lasted more than 90 days together….



Life balance.

Back then, we both were searching for ourselves…..


For me personally, I was all over the place and my life felt it…..

-Physically Depressed [30lbs overweight]

-Mentally Exhausted [Struggling to Find a Career Path]

-Spiritually Poor [Unfocused in My Faith]

-Financially Empty [No “Real Job”]


I became terrified of my situation and my future if I allowed myself to stay fixated in the circumstances of how things had not played out “as planned”…..

At that point in life I was suppose to be [insert typical life path]….

….married [always thought 25 was my number] ,

…good job…


…and living in abundance…Right?  


Instead my “real” Life Image was starting to swirl into a flurry of sulking and self doubt….

I continued to live in this misery until I realized something….




I am blessed with a Physical body that is free of illness just lacked Discipline.

I am blessed with a Mind that is Educated just lacked Application

I am blessed with a Spirit that is Redeemed just lacked Invitation.

I am blessed with a Financially Opportunity just lacked Pursuing


The only thing that was holding me back from achieving my hearts desires was those cyclic thoughts of negativity I was allowing myself to focus on and pour into my life.

With a subtle shift in mindset:


I accepted my past,

acknowledged my present,

and became EXCITED about the future.


After that I began a journey for few months into a renaissance of personal discovery in which I  began to develop a renewed Life Image with defined goals and a plan to achieve them.

Today, I’m writing this post because it didn’t seem too long after I completely PURGED my old self and felt I had mastered my own life first and was willing to share that love with someone else…..


Then,She came into my life. My Virtuous Woman.


I made her Shrimp and Grits and she was hooked ← which I will be making her again this weekend as we take another adventure.


We have since had many adventures like camping in National Forest, Skiiing in the Rockies, Strolling around NYC, Sailing in the Caribbean,Walking many beaches, Backpacking Italy, and Exploring many culinary delights….


This week will mark the 3 year anniversary of our first cup of coffee together.  


I truly believe we have some much love and respect for each other because we first learned how to love ourselves first, set boundaries, and established a Life Image for what we desire and live it everyday.


We are blessed and so are you!

So, I’ll wrap up the mammoth of a post w/ a verse that has provided me with great inspiration to master my Life Image.


“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”- Romans 12:2

As I progressed in reshaping my LIFE IMAGE my mind began to see things in a new framework. This new outlook on life lead to immense actions. I had a renewed diligence to the gym, my job, and my faith. The new outlook slowly started bringing invaluable gifts into my life, none greater than the love of my amazing wife and the endless adventures we get to share together.

So, If you’re going through a tough time, a transition, or feeling unsure about the future…..

Don’t focus on trying to fix everything at once.

Instead, take a moment to look inward and ask yourself:

What is my Body, Mind, Spirit,and Financial Vision for my Life Image?

What are the daily actions I am doing to align with that vision?

What small steps can I do to make each day a step closer to the end goal?


You are Blessed.


….and Italy is awesome.


Tommy G

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  • I am in process of redesigning the next stage. I have spent 7 years of focusing on service as my life purpose. I almost lived like a monk. I now feeling a surge of energy which is still rooted in healing and quality lifestyle but has a financial focus that I chose to release for a seven year period.
    Thank you for your post. I have a strong spiritual, health, intellectual focus. They all can use up-leveling. However, I have a fire burning inside of me that can only be satiated by the attraction of real capital. All systems I am designing have that component. I will continue to investigate your wisdom. Thank yo.


    • Hey Ray, thanks for taking the time to give me feedback on the content.

      I enjoyed hearing about this transition you are going through and believe that the surge you are feeling could be the start of something great.

      Please keep me updated on your progression!




  • Looking so very long for a way out, a way through. So many paths from which to choose. Beginning to think that at 54 its over, that living the life I imagined, as Emerson exhorted, is just not going to happen. After looking at a few of your writings and video I’m wondering… Maybe not. I wonder though, am I finally taking steps in the direction of living my dreams, or am I just stepping into another void that will ultimately lead to another disillusionment? We’ll see.


    • Hey Daniel, Thanks for checking out my content and from what I can tell gettin some thoughts going.

      From the last few years of walking into the lives of 1,000 of strangers homes as a medic, I can attest that it is never to late though it will always seem like we are one step behind from where we need to be.

      The key is staying hopeful and taking action, learn from experiences and grow as a individual.

      Looking forward to hearing more from ya as your journey unfolds.



  • Hey Tommy. Nice to get a response, even maybe if it’s from someone who works for you. I feel like I’m in a pit of molasses up to my neck and your words are like a hand reaching out to help pull me out. Don’t know you at all and not sure why your words stand out from all the others I’ve been reading in an attempt to find a spark, an inspiration, something positive I can cling to. Just read your email “I Like You Dan”. Normally that would turn me off because I don’t know you personally. It’s a very familiar thing to open with, something you’d say to a friend. Strangely though I’m not offended – probably because you strike me as genuine, sincere. It is true, as you say in closing that email, that “where you are today doesn’t have to be the same place you are a year from now.” Id like nothing more than to look back a year from now, having climbed out of my pit, to be able to tell someone my story of survival and success, that they in turn might be inspired by hearing it. Keep writing brother.


    • Hey Dan, Thanks for the kind words, and yes this is Tommy, Im a one man show 🙂

      Its feedback like yours the keep me motivated to continue sharing my thoughts, feelings and insights.

      Feel free to hit reply to any of my emails to connect privately on any topic that is on your mind/heart. Did you get a chance to watch the replay video?



  • I seen the video read this blog and my thought was OMG this is what I’ve always wanted to be doing traveling going to exotic places eating fine wine and great food checking things off of my bucket list I’m almost 53 and thought my dreams were just going to slip thru my fingers like sand and disappear but something sparked inside me something lit up in me and o thought wow could my dreams and a way to do this finally be coming true. I don’t have kids there all grown so I could travel with my husband and my grandkids and be making so many awesome memories and have a business also how cool is that something ive been searching for as well thank you for sending these emails to me hope to meet you face to face too


    • Hey Cynthia! sorry for taking a bit to get back to ya. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and getting value out of it. It is never to late to pursue our passions, everyday is a gift, enjoy it and make the most of it. If there is anything I can help you with dont hesitate to hit reply to any of my emails to get in touch. Would love to hang out with you as well!


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