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New Year, New You….Maybe

 December 27, 2016

By  Tommy G

Has anyone else gone through this?


Buzz buzz buzz……


You smash the alarm clock and jump out of bed. Time to get up!


Today is the day. You are filled with joy because you’ve been wanting to do this for years.

Yes , it has been put off for a long time but it doesn’t matter cause you are starting today.

Today is day 1 of 90 that you are going to transform and be a new person.

You start off by trying to make it to the gym every single day and eat flawless meals (which are tasteless and boring but “healthy”)

These are your New Year’s Resolutions….

You have made them before….

But something feels different this year…

The other day you stopped in at GNC to pick up a tub of protein powder, a fat burner, and this new stuff that gives you insane energy to help kick start the new you!

You feel amazing the first few days, a little sore, but your still hitting it hard 6 days a week via the latest greatest free fitness routine you downloaded from the internet.

Fast forward, its 2 weeks in, you start thinking about the next 60…90+ days of the 180 degree lifestyle you created for yourself.

“Can I keep this up?”

“Is this what it takes?”

“Do I want to keep this up?”

In week 2,[maybe 3 or 4 for some] the mind is having second thoughts….

Your exhausted….

Your shoulder has this nagging pain your not sure where it came from…


Dinner with friends become frustrating due to you playing 21 questions with the waiter to make sure you “stay on track”…


The food is getting old….and to make matters worse half of the new “superfoods” have spoiled and had to be thrown away…..

Good thing is that you have lost weight but having second thoughts about this “healthy living thing” if this is what it takes….

You dont quit but your do start asking yourself….

“Can I keep this up and still have a regular life?”

…then self doubt begins to creep in…

“Is this lifestyle worth the struggle or should I just stick to being the _____ (fill it in: scrawny wimp,fatty, slob, sick etc) person I was when I began.”


Eventually, in week 4..6..8..or 10 you start to fizzle out.


The food sucks, your feel like crap, your shoulder and knee are hurting more often and the weight loss reward isn’t enough of a incentive to keep going.

Now, yourConfidence level from starting has plummeted and late one night when your chowing down on your favorite guilty pleasure…

sitting on the couch…

watching tv…

and that fitness infomercial comes on…

and you think to yourself…….

“LIES!! That doesn’t work!”




Sound familiar?


“Why did I fail?”


Well, a bunch of people wondered the same thing and  Science has spoken…..

After everything was evaluated and tested research has proven that no matter the method.

Self Directed Fat Loss programs FAIL 98% of the time….

This means that if you try do what you THINK will work, you will fail 98% of the time. But this doesn’t mean the fat loss is hard, it means that WE MAKE IT HARD!!!

The failure wasn’t the program, meal plan, or trainer.

Its ourselves.

But that is OK!

Where there is failure there is also success.

In failure we have successfully realized that making drastic changes to our life leads you right back where we started.


[How do you think that one person you know,works the same job,stays fit year around does it??

They have developed Habits and Behaviors over time that make Health a effortless lifestyle for them.]


Successful lasting healthy change doesn’t happen by doing drastic yo yo dieting or 2 hour cardio session on the elliptical, success happens in a moment when you apply the steps recommended by YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!


Don’t be apart of the 98% that fail by only looking 60-90 days ahead.

Focus instead on the big picture.

[What do you want your life to be like at 25….40….65….80 yr old?]

+Void of chronic pain

+ Low to no medications

+Rich Experiences Filled with Passionate Memories

+Active and involved in loved ones life (run with the kids, grand-kids etc)

+Travel the world without hesitation for health concerns

How can YOUR BEST YEAR EVER help me?

This special video series takes a proven, tested, and reproducible system that helps to make small wins evolve into big wins.

Because, as we have seen in the example above most of the time people fall off the wagon by doing to much to quick.

Using YOUR BEST YEAR EVER you will see an amazingly amount of results and success not only in your physical life but in your emotional, spiritual, and financial life as well.

It has taken awhile to distill down to its core but there is a trend that radical life-changing routines have in common.

Each situation can be applied to help someone who is struggling with their health, needs some guidance, wants a fresh start with something REAL (not a fad) and create a amazing Life Image.

This common theme is laid out is this special 6 part series.


When followed makes weight loss, muscle gain, or just overall health easy to follow. It takes into consideration that everyone is starting from a different point and have different obstacles to overcome.


If your looking to start somewhere but don’t want to go threw another viscous “new years cycle” again then I strongly recommend you start by taking a personal assessment of where you are and start with Awareness and Adherence by getting on my TommyGTips Email Newsletter for action steps going forward.


But the best thing you can do for a new body is to retrain your mind on what it is you truly want.


Tommy G

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