Stop Dieting, Do This Instead….

 December 26, 2016

By  Tommy G

If you have every stumbled into a gym or visited the Doctor you probably have been told/advised to begin a Clean Diet.

First off, I hate the word “Diet” I think that it is dirty and misleading. Dieting immediately triggers thoughts of giving up everything that we love to eat. For me this includes, but not limited to pizza, beer, smoked meats, and french fries.

For some people there are no such thing as Clean or Dirty foods. Instead their “diet” or what I prefer to call “mealplan” is more of a LIFESTYLE  term. You are going to learn some of best steps for building a Healthy Lifestyle without sacrificing the foods you enjoy.

Doesn’t that sound like a better plan and a lot less limiting?

A Lifestyle of enjoying all REAL food (non processed) comes without borders of Clean vs Dirty but rather Awareness of what your body needs to continue a Healthy Lifestyle of eating habits that adapts to your needs with the proper planning.

[keep reading for a great way to get started on a realistic plan]

Yes there are times when a slice of pizza is healthier and “cleaner” to consume then say a broccoli floret.[ex:  re-feed meal] Other times the broccoli will out rank the pizza based on the desire of your physiological needs.

This is not to say broccoli or pizza is clean and dirty but rather to help transform your thinking on food and how you make your choices.

The key is to be aware and honest about where your health status currently stands. Don’t Know? Go to the Doctor and find out!!!

Getting “healthy” starts with making mental commitment to understanding good health habits and making better choices, Getting “fit” includes a few trips to the gym

Don’t be afraid of knowing, the fact is that you want the problem to be you!

Then you know what you need to fix and makes things easier to change.

(as opposed to some weird medical genetic process that you have to spend hours researching, get the point?)

To jump start your AWARENESS, the first “A”,  into crafting a healthier Lifestyle and becoming a better you, lets go over a few proven Lifestyle choices that have been shown to radically change peoples perception of Clean vs Dirty Food Choices.


How close to unprocessed are you eating?

  • Avoid eating out of a box
  • Apply cooking techniques/methods from creditable sources
  • Shop on outside of the grocery store

Did you plan this meal ahead of time?

  • Avoid having to skip or make a Fast-food bad decision
  • Plan ahead and pre prep meals for 2-3 days at a time

Testing your taste buds?

  • Try to avoid salting before tasting and appreciate nature flavors
  • Try a new veggie/fruit/protein/starch once per week or at least 2x a month

Feeding the flame?

  • Consuming a balanced whole food meals helps curve hunger and fuel growth
  • Every time you eat is a meal, no counting those snacking treats leads to unaccounted calories.

Measure and Track your Trends <—-CRITICAL

  • Track meals via Apps or pen and paper for 3 days when your starting out
  • Pick: One workday, One Weekend day, One Off day
  • See where you are over or under eating.
  • Complete once a month until you have a good gauge as to where your weakness lye.

Awareness steps for creating a better Lifestyle instead of miserable diets

[DangIt! there is that word again!!]

Take these awareness ideas and start applying them today. They are not labor intensive nor do they require alot of action as they do THOUGHT. When we start asking our-self these questions when planning our meals for the family and ourselves it will start to develop health habits and behaviors that will then morph into results in the mirror.

Life is all about choices, we make good ones and bad ones. We tell ourselves

“If only I knew then what I know now! how things would have changed.”

Don’t dwell on your old choices but learn , adapt and grow with your new found awareness.

Take one day , one meal at a time.

If you are a chronic fast food “dirty” eater then don’t trying and go 180 organic tree huger overnight [after a few weeks or days the risk of burnout is high]

Make small adjustments that fit into your current Lifestyle and then build on the momentum.

For those that think their meal-plan is “clean” but still not getting the desired results in the mirror then something needs to be adjusted as well.

Start with the items listed above…..

….how aware are you?….

More then likely you haven’t been tracking your habits and your adherence is inconsistent

Have no IDEA where to start?

No worries, that has been taken care of for you. For help with accessing adherence start using this approach.If your not accessing your guessing as they say…..

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Tommy G

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