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The Biggest Lie We Are Told About Our Passions!

 December 16, 2016

By  Tommy G

“I was so focused on making a living but never made any money-until I started using my passions to create profits”

My Desire is help 1 out of 10 individuals that will stop and be inspired to learn more about what I am about to share about pursuing your passions.

The other 9 will be hard workers, earnest, driven in their own way, but will continue to scroll their page trying to find some sort of “quick fix” entertainment. The one individual in ten will stop to learn because they have a bigger vision for their future..

And having a clear vision for our lives can change everything….

So let me start with saying right now….

Let me put it this way, a knock is at your door. A stranger has invited you to pack up your ideas and step into a new way of making a income using your passions….do you answer the call?

Then keep reading to learn how to….

…travel often…..

…escape your daily grind……

…and restore peace of mind….

And discover the “HTFF Effect”…..

Hey Tommy G here from, www.TommyGTips.com

…With my hands shaking, heart racing and a churning in my gut I opened the envelope….

…inside was the first big payday with no previous sales, no reputation,no email list, no branding, no referral, and a crappy laptop but I did have 1 critical thing required to make this happen…..

Before I get into what that was, you should know something.

I’m just a simple man, married to a wonderful wife w/ 3 dogs from a small Louisiana town…

that is us pictured on the beaches of Coasta Maya during our summer vacation paid for by my online efforts you will soon learn about.

We love to travel and live life to the fullest because “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”

Just a few years ago I found myself constantly thinking….

“if only…”

“If only…I could lose 25lbs”

“If only…I didn’t have to work so much and reduce my stress…”

“If only…I could make more money to live in a better neighborhood to feel safer”

“If only…I paid more attention in school to make a better living…”

“If only…I could take more vacations that my family deserves…”

“If only…I could work from home to see my wife more…”

With a tension in my neck I would repeat these thoughts in my mind…

To escape the anxiety and fear I’d watch movies and tv shows for hours and hours letting the day waste away…

…huddled up on my couch with a bag of Zapps potato chips,Id begin to get lost in the movies and shows imagining a fantasy life….

Have ya eva done this?

Imagined a life where you are…

– Truly happy and blessed to live in the moment

– Personal relationships are better than ever

– The only time you need an alarm is for an early flight to your favorite vacation spot

– You’re proud of what you do for a living

– And your friends and family are proud of you, too, even if they are a lil’ jealous

– You start see things differently

– You’re feeling accomplished today, but excited about the future

– And your cable man is always on time.

– Oh, and airport security never takes more than 5 minutes to get through

Can you see it?

Other than the last two, I now believe these things are possible when anyone follows their passion and keeps a clear vision.

My proudest result to date was telling my wife about the first big payday and what it meant to our household.

Her eyes swelled and leaped at me with a big kiss and a hug.

Hint: That sale came from following a strategic system that allowed me to use my passions to create profits.

This was the start of my online legacy.

Now I want you to start your own legacy.

If you have vision and a passion then whatever your situation is now you can make it better.

So if your desire is to be able to work in pajama pants and wrinkled T-shirt ya slept in from the night before….keep reading

-which is exactly what I’m wearing while typing this letter to you in right now 🙂 sexy right?-

I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by using some outlandish claim you’ll probably in your head say “Ya, right, if only” ← there it is again….

No, my friend all I am saying is if the desire to replace entertainment shows with education and instruction, then I think you can shift from

“If only I…(insert regrets) ”


“Remember when I…(insert life changing action)”

But,before you spray me with that drive-by criticism, lemme prove it:

I made you a short Micro-Training detailing the steps I took that changed everything for me and countless others

I have a whole community of online friends that are now pursuing their passions to create a profitable online income. ”

The video is only 7 minutes long, if you’re not feeling it, then no worries. Have a nice day and thanks for at least giving it a look.

But if you love it and find yourself wanting more then I gotcha covered, you’ll see…

just the core facts on what has worked for many others and what I applied to my life to see immediate results.

Now, I’m not rolling in lambos and living in mansions…..

I actually still work as a Flight Paramedic today (its really fun!) but only 8-10 days month.

Because the HTFF step by step instructions has allowed my online earning to replace my stress and anxiety for having to work long overtime shifts to cover bills and fund vacations.

I explain everything on this short video where there is nothing to buy.

So stop clenching your wallet and click the link below and take notes on what I feel is the turning point you have been looking for.

….you’re only a few clicks away from answering that burning question you have struggled to figure out……

“How could I make the most amount of revenue, w/ the least amount of effort, in the fastest time possible, & with ZERO guilt?”

If you would like to watch my short show just click the link:

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because my idea wasn’t “special” or unique. This process has been used repeatedly by others to create abundance with booming business.

In fact, it is very simple actually.

The reason it yielded success for me wasn’t because of its “brilliance”….it was because my motivation was anchored in MY Passion not some other companies agenda I was having to push (which you will use YOUR passion, whatever that might be)

I’m not sure about you. But in my life. I wanna keep everything as simple as possible.

I want results by keeping my day simple, easy, lucrative, and fun!

Sound about right?

That way I don’t have to spend hours upon hours figuring new stuff, decoding technical training and taking much needed “panic breaks”

Let me share something personal with you…

4 years ago, I was a diligent dreamscaping dimino. Which means I had alot of “grand ideas” but nothing to show for them…….

I would constantly say, “It would be great if I…….” or “When I finish _____ then I’ll start….”

I actually would get really close to turning my grand ideas into a offer right up until the point of executing the final push to public then……

my hand would shake and my gut would sink to my butt and

It would hit the exit button…..

My nerves would be so shot with plaguing thoughts of “what ifs….” and “is it good enough?”

These thoughts would eventually paralyze me from finishing my plan and I would crawl back on my couch of comfort, turn on Netflix with my chips and say

“it’s ok, no one expected much from you”

And that was me feeding myself complete pile of donkey doo-doo

I expected more from myself and that should have been good enough to “GO FOR IT” with my vision for a better future.

My wife deserves it , I deserve it and our future family deserves it.

What held me back was my self doubt in my own skills.

“Did I know enough?”

“Could I have done better?”

“If I waited and learned a bit more would my results be better in the future?”

If you find yourself lost in thought and feeling courageous on an idea. Don’t let self doubt hold you back from what you desire.

The follow through on a idea, even if it is a failure, is still a resounding victory that will separate you from the masses.

Most of the time superior efforts beats superior skills.

If you have a bigger vision for your life but need help to get clarity on goals, strategies, and execution of an idea then watch this video: http://bit.ly/2gJGghR

Let’s Erase any self guilt we might have from the past and focus on making 2017 the best year of our life.

Click Here to Watch the Free 7 minute Micro-Training:

See ya on the inside,

Tommy G

ps —> If you do visit http://bit.ly/2gJGghR… and you’re “feelin” what Im saying. You will wanna go “head n opt-in”. There’s some good stuff waiting for ya 🙂

pps —> You’ll know more about “how to create internet revenue” in this 7min video than the majority of your closest friends. See what I mean here: http://bit.ly/2gJGghR

Tommy G

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